Life is not a bed of roses. It is a bed of thorns and especially for the people who work on daily basis to earn their livelihood which is such an uphill task. The tight schedule of the office workers also turn their life into a life of a robot.

Time doesn’t stop for anyone. It passes as always, but you yourself have to manage it for your Health and Fitness from your daily hectic life routine. Because

Health is the actual wealth that a person can retain.”

Many people want to become healthy and fit but their bustling lifestyle doesn’t allows them to do so. So these people ignore it and remain busy in daily routine works. They are more likely to get the deadly diseases like cancer, etc.

You people must manage time from your busy life for your health so that you may perform your best at your office or anywhere else you work. So I will give you some tips and techniques to improve your health and fitness in less time.

Do What you like

Many people will think that what would be the effect of doing things you like to do. But believe me it is related to your mental health. If you do the things, you like than you are more likely to become happy and happiness leads to improvement in health.

It is because when you do the things you like the most you become stress free and the stress free people can live happily and are more likely to become fit and healthy. It is stated that

A stress free life is a vital key to longevity”

George F.Burns

Eat healthy Food

People who work in an office usually go for business trips twice or more in a month within or out of country. These people are more likely to get diseases due to the food they eat and they also feel more tired as compared to those who don’t go for the business tours.

So, these people must eat healthy food. In fact these people also learn to cook quick receipies which they may cook in a couple of minutes. For instance, Turkey steak with feta and beetroot salad.

 Stay Active During Long Calls

People working in offices usually have official calls which are about of one or two hours. During these calls they should stay active, instead of sitting in the office they may go outside for a walk or may go to any park.

During the call you must turn the speaker of the phone on and can do little exercise while talking. Exercise may be push-ups or a walk or sit ups or stretching. You may search on google to exercise more in less time and exercises for busy people.

Spend Time with Kids

Kids of busy people usually blame their parents for not spending time with them. So you should spend time with kids and play with them. It will also be a kind of exercise for you. Usually, you can play cricket or badminton with them and also a competition of running. It will be a booster for your physical as well as mental health.

Endorphin is a chemical produced by the body. Recent Study by Scientists proved that it is produced during the exercise, and it stimulates the positive feelings in the body and helps to decrease stress level efficiently.

Adopt healthy Hobbies

You must adopt healthy hobbies. People usually invite their colleagues for a coffee or lunch, so you can invite them instead of coffee or lunch for swimming in a pool or any other healthy activity which also makes you active and improves your health.

Similarly, instead of going for an ice-cream, you can also go for exercise or walk in a park where you can enjoy as well as your health will also improve surely.

Sleep Is Important Than Work

Maturity is when you came to know that your sleep is more important than your work or anything else. Studies proved that the lack of sleep cause brain damage and people look less healthy than others. Lack of sleep causes the brain to eat itself! Observers in one study said that sleep-deprived participants looked less healthy and more tired (Axelsson et al. 2010)

Human Body is designed for a sleep of minimum eight hours per day. It can be in two parts of four hours and also be whole eight hours at once but it is compulsory to take eight hours sleep per day.

Drink More water

 Drinking more water is also a health tonic. Probably people working in offices don’t drink enough water which leads to the increase in the level of toxic chemicals in the body which further leads to several diseases of the stomach and intestines.

One may drink one gallon of water or ten glasses of water in a normal day. Drinking more water will drain the chemicals out of the body through urine. It also helps to remove pimples on face.

Hygienic Environment

Fresh air has excess amount of oxygen which is necessary for life. If it is not available at your office or place where you work than you are more likely to be in an irritated mode. But if the environment around you is Hygienic and fresh the chances of improvement in your health increases 2x.

It is a psychological fact that an urge arises after seeing someone hygienic and fit to become like him. So always choose a company of people which are of your level and also like Hygienic environment which helps you the most to become fit and healthy.

Regular Checkup

Keep visiting the Doctor once or twice in a month. Do manage some time from your jam packed day for your checkup because a healthy and fit mind can perform well than sick and diseased ones.

Avoid Drugs 

Drugs have the worst effect on health and body. Try your best to avoid smoking and drinking vine or anything else.

It ruins your life and has adverse effects on health like smoking cause cancer and several heart diseases and leads to death. Similarly drinking cause Lung cancer and eventually death.


Health And Fitness For Busy People