Abdullah Hanan

      USELESS?, No, I’m a gem…!

Hey, I’m Abdullah Hanan. The purpose of writing this is to introduce myself and share my personal experience of life. I’m a Content Writer, and I will tell you the hardships I faced and how I succeed as an inspiration for you.

Many people believe that hard work is a key to success but they don’t work hard to get success. They fail, and start believing that they can’t do anything and as a result an immense talent is being wasted…

In this world everyone has its own uniqueness. Never compare yourself with others because what you can do, can never be possible for others to do in this world. Just Believe in yourself.

My Struggle And Hard work

I’m 18 years old right now and what I have achieved is all due to hard work. While I was in a school, It’s my personal opinion, no one cares about the last ones… all the appreciation is for the one’s who are in the top list. While I was in a school, It’s my personal opinion, no one cares about the last ones… But in the college I worked hard more than enough and it paid me like I never thought before. I was admired and invited by the principal for appreciation. That was a great moment for me…

Tackle The Trolling

I was being trolled in college for my height but I tackled it with a smile and decided to reply back with my success. I disliked the way I was trolled, but I never replied to anyone, it’s not just a mine story, every one is being trolled in school or college life due to their weak points but my opinion is

Be successful enough that your weak points are no more the points to be trolled.”

 The biggest examples are Amir Khan and Salman Khan. Both of them are not tall enough, but they got success by the hard work of about 20 years and today they are the highly paid actors of Bollywood. No one trolls them due to their height or anything else instead they are called “Sir” with high respect.


 You are usually known by the company you have. So be careful about choosing your friends because what your friends are you will also be one of them at last. If they are Hard working and supporting than believe me you are a blessed person.

 You should dream big and if anyone restricts you or make fun of you due to your dreaming my first suggestion is to get rid of them. I personally dream big because I know that.

If you dream for the moon, you will get stars and if you dream for stars you will get nothing.”

Do what you want

 I like dreaming big, and I achieved what I dreamt for. I also like reading and writing because it gives me pleasure and inner happiness. In reading I like to read novels usually about “Spy” and “detectives” and thrilling stories of success. And in writing I want to write on every aspect and every topic of the world but as I am a human and due to lack of time and human incompatibility I am not able to do so.

Everyone has its own right to enjoy and live the life in a way he wants.Always do the things that makes you happy, your life will be easier more than enough.

Shy at first

I was that type of person who is shy at first but when I am comfortable with someone than its hard to stop talk and anything else. But it is also a problem for you in your practicle life because you have lack of confidence and due to this you are not getting what you actually deserve.I also tried to overcome this, and I succeeded!

 You can google it, and I would also tell you some techniques. You can google it, and I would also tell you some techniques. Everyone has the same mindset but in different situations you need to learn to handle them.It is a fact that if you would increase the eye contact during a conversation you will talk more confidently.

Be a Mystery

It is a fact that many of your loved ones didn’t like the success you got by the way you work. So they will keep increasing hurdles in your way to success. What I do is just keep my work a mystery and tell nothing to anyone. It is also a well-known proverb that

work hard in silence and let your success make the noise.”

 So never let anyone know your plans and work hard until you get success. Your success will be a great revenge for your haters!

Starting from Ground

When you start something you do not know very well about it. But once you start it, you came to know each up and down in that field. So don’t be afraid of starting from the start. I also started blogging while I was inspired by my friend but when I started it I surprisingly came to know that it is way to achieve my inner happiness because I loved to read and write.

I started blogging from ground and now I’m expert enough to write on any topic without any hassle. When you earn also from the work, you love to do is a cause of double happiness for you. I started blogging from the ground and now I earn a handsome amount from it!

Believe Yourself

Life is a race. If you want to succeed in it, you have believe in yourself. When I started blogging many of my so called well wishers tried to stop me. Their opinion was that I can’t do it. I took it as a challenge and now my success is a solid reply from me to them.

You people also believe in yourself and do what you want. You are what you are, the confirmation of the way of life you want to live is not needed from people!